Shepherds and Halos


Shepherds and Halos, No. 03 6 Min. Read

Simon and Ida sat, dismayed, on their platform couch. “Can you pause it please?” asked a desperate Simon.

“One, it's livestreaming, so no,” replied Ida a bit curtly. “Two, it's Mass. Do you pause Mass?”

“You do when you realize the toys strewn all over the pews should have been cleaned up before Mass began,” Simon replied dryly.


Shepherds and Halos, No. 01 22 Min. Read

Eyebrow cocked unwittingly, Father George watched the woman storm into his office and preen her plumage until she was comfortable in one of the spartan wooden chairs around the coffee table. Ten seconds later, a wisp of a man, in countenance and motion despite being bold of build, hovered at the door. He scanned nervously for lurking danger, then dashed to the chair furthest from his wife.