Shepherds and Halos

Catholic parables on the lost art of spiritual warfare

Thank you, Christine Vincent, for your beautiful review of the award winning “Defend the Tabernacle”!

Ash got in her car, ballot in hand and drove her usual route toward work until she veered off to take the several blocks to the ballot drop off. Rounding the corner, her jaw fell open. Her eyes widened. Unbidden, she slammed on her brakes, nearly bumping her head into the steering wheel.

The street was transformed into a wild meadow of abundant flowers. Purple, red, yellow, white, blue, orange. Symphonic color overwhelmed her.


Shepherds and Halos, No. 03 6 Min. Read

Simon and Ida sat, dismayed, on their platform couch. “Can you pause it please?” asked a desperate Simon.

“One, it's livestreaming, so no,” replied Ida a bit curtly. “Two, it's Mass. Do you pause Mass?”

“You do when you realize the toys strewn all over the pews should have been cleaned up before Mass began,” Simon replied dryly.


For your reading entertainment and spiritual formation during this time of no public Masses and stay-at-home orders.

“Anna and the One Mass” sold out it's first edition and is now out of print. It has the equivalent of an imprimatur from Bishop Michael Sheridan, Bishop of Colorado Springs. Enjoy! (Oh, and Anna, Luke, and family show up older in the parables to come, so a wee teaser for you.)

Shepherds and Halos, No. 02 6 Min. Read

“Mass is canceled? Because of the virus? I can't believe it.” said Father Johnathan. Determination etched itself across his face. “Let's have Mass anyway,” he declared.

“Defy our Bishop?” asked a wide-eyed Fr. Hank.

Father George watched his two parochial vicars, curious to see their budding shepherding conflict with the Bishop's order to cancel Mass over the next weeks.


Shepherds and Halos, No. 01 22 Min. Read

Eyebrow cocked unwittingly, Father George watched the woman storm into his office and preen her plumage until she was comfortable in one of the spartan wooden chairs around the coffee table. Ten seconds later, a wisp of a man, in countenance and motion despite being bold of build, hovered at the door. He scanned nervously for lurking danger, then dashed to the chair furthest from his wife.


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