Shepherds and Halos


Shepherds and Halos, No. 03 6 Min. Read

Simon and Ida sat, dismayed, on their platform couch. “Can you pause it please?” asked a desperate Simon.

“One, it's livestreaming, so no,” replied Ida a bit curtly. “Two, it's Mass. Do you pause Mass?”

“You do when you realize the toys strewn all over the pews should have been cleaned up before Mass began,” Simon replied dryly.


Shepherds and Halos, No. 02 6 Min. Read

“Mass is canceled? Because of the virus? I can't believe it.” said Father Johnathan. Determination etched itself across his face. “Let's have Mass anyway,” he declared.

“Defy our Bishop?” asked a wide-eyed Fr. Hank.

Father George watched his two parochial vicars, curious to see their budding shepherding conflict with the Bishop's order to cancel Mass over the next weeks.